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Spring, Texas
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Dove Meadows


  We are glad that you are here to visit our website and hope you will find it pleasing enough to return and enjoy what we have to offer. Please take part in our surveys and read what is happening thru out our community and surrounding areas.
Members: Keep in mind that we are still constructing this site, and there is a lot more to come that will make it more user friendly.
  New Members: To gain access please register and please state, in the address section, if you are a owner or renter (i.e. 3331 Vandyke, Spring-owner). This only helps us identify who you are and how to best help you when the need arises. Until you have been approved for membership you will have limited access.
 Placing Bids: If you want to bid on a project item, registration for membership is not necessary. Fill out the form by selecting the item up for bid, when approved, and accepted, you will receive a confirmation email or a call from our management company.
 Requesting Sponsorship: Please fill out the "Submit an Ad" form in the navigation tab "Our Sponsors", registration is not necessary.  We are glad you have chosen us to help display your product or service to our current and future residents. Once approved someone from the HOA board will contact you about fees and what we provide (service is yearly and fees are small).
 Again, Glad you came by and hope you enjoy your stay.

 The information on this site is for the purpose of communicating with residents of Dove Meadows subdivision.  Neither Dove Meadows HOA nor its members are responsible for any intent, malice or loss (financial or otherwise) created by its users or its advertisers. We make every attempt to display trustworthy sites as links, but neither Dove Meadows HOA nor its members are responsible for any information or advertisements shown on those sites or thru the other sites that it advertises. Selecting advertisements or services thru this site, and contracting any services by them, is the sole responsibility of the person electing to make those selections. It is also the responsibility of the person that is making those selections to make sure that a criminal element is not brought within their home so any background checks should be made by any means that the selector deems necessary.



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